Friday, 4 November 2011

Lancs Girls U12 JDC

The Lancs Girls U12 Development Centre begins on Sunday 13th November at Stoyhurst College, Hurst Green. The time is from 10-00 - 12-00
Please arrive @ Stonyhurst for 9-50am ready changed. Please make sure you have waterproofs in case the weather is poor. The coaching will not be cancelled if is raining
Coaches: A Metcalf. J Metcalf K Bell

Lancs JAC U16 & U17 Girls

Sunday 6th November is the 1st date of the girls JAC at KEQMS Lytham. The time is 1-30 -4-00pm
Coaches: A Gallagher. R Isherwood. K Hanham. A Metcalf.
Other dates are 4/12/2011, 27/1/2012 & 5/2/2012. Match details will be posted later

Lancs Boys JAC Dates for U16 & U17

Sunday November 6th is the start of the boys U16/U17 JAC. This is at Blackburn Northern H C from 10-30 until 1-00pm.
The other dates are 20/11/2011, 4/12/2011, 27/1/2012 and 5/2/2012
There are also match dates that will be confirmed late.
Coaches : Mr G Davidson, Mr R Abbott, Mr D Parker

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Pennine Puma Squads 2011

The Pennine Puma Squads for 2011 have just been announced.
Congratulations to the following players from Lancashire who have been selected.
Thank you also to all who have helped these players reach this level, staff in school, club coaches and JAC coaches.
U15 Girls
Hannah Dennison      Arnold                 Springfields
Megan Hall               Kirkham GS         Springfields
Victoria Matthews    Arnold                   Lytham

U15 Boys
James Sutcliffe         Westhoughton HS   Preston

U16 Girls
Amelia Beaman        Baines HS                Blackpool
Jayde Christeansen   Heysham HS            Lancaster
Beth Kenny              Kirkham G S         Springfields

U16 Boys
Dylan Jordan          Rossall                     Lytham    (Non travelling reserve)

U17 Girls  
Emily Adams         Arnold                     Lytham
Sophie Akhtar       Arnold                     Springfields
Charlotte Evans    Arnold                      Lytham
Jessica O'Massoli  Arnold                     Springfields
Jenny Clayton      Rossall                      Preston  (Non travelling reserve)

U17 Boys 
Alex Evans          Arnold                     Lytham

U18 Girls
Ashley Bradshaw  KGS                      Preston   (Non travelling reserve)

Friday, 23 September 2011

Lancashire U13 U14 and U15 Boys JDC

The Lancashire Boys JDC has been cancelled for this Sunday 25th September 2011.
The first coaching session for the U13,U14 and U15 will now be on the 9th October at Preston Hockey Club.
The start time is 12-00 and the finish time is 2-30pm. 

If you have not yet sent your player registration form and money to Mrs Janet Metcalf - the administrator please do so a.s.a.p.  e.mail to request a form if you have not received one from your club or school


All the U16 & U17 girls are being invited the Lancashire JAC and the dates are outlined below:-
 Dates and times of the Lancashire U16 JAC have now been revised and are as follows: Sunday 6/11/2011, 4/12/2011,29/1/2012 and 5/2/2012.
If your daughter is selected for the final Lancashire U16 JAC squad, there will be matches on the 26th February, 4th March, 11th March and the 18th March.

The time of the coaching has been changed to the afternoon rather than the morning and will be from 1-30 - 4-00pm. The venue is the same - King Edward & Queen Mary School Lytham.

The money that you have already paid for the coaching will now be carried forward to the new dates.

Friday, 16 September 2011

What is Your Birth Year?

Please Note the year in which you were born gives you the age group that you are eligible for NOT which year you are in at school.
Young players born in 1999 are U13, 1998 - U14, 1997 - U15, 1996 - U16 and finally 1995 - U17

Lancashire JDC Dates 2011

The Dates for the Lancashire JDC’s are as follows:
SUNDAY 25th SEPTEMBER 2011         U13,                                           NO BOYS COACHING
SUNDAY 9TH OCTOBER 2011              U13, U14, U15,                           U13.U14,U15 BOYS
SUNDAY 30TH OCTOBER 2011            U13, U14, U15,                           U13.U14,U15 BOYS
SUNDAY 6TH NOVEMBER 2011           U13, U14, U15,                           U13.U14,U15 BOYS
SUNDAY 20TH NOVEMBER 2011         U14, U15
Girls JDC for the U13 age group - date of birth for all girls is the year 1999.
DATES : 25/9/2011, 9/10/2011, 30/10/2011 & 6/11/2011
VENUE: Stonyhurst College, Hurst Green, Clitheroe
TIME :  10-00am - 12-00
Girls U14 and U15 age groups - dates of birth are 1998 and 1997 respectively.
DATES :   9/10/2011, 30/10/2011, 6/11/2011 and 20/11/1011
VENUE:    King Edward & Queen Mary School, Lytham
TIME :      10-30pm - 1-00pm
Girls U16 and U17 age groups - dates of birth are 1996 and 1995 respectively. NO JDC COACHING
The girls are invited to Lancashire JAC coaching on the following dates
DATES : 6th November 2011, 4th December 2011, 29th January 2012 and 5th February 2012
VENUE:   King Edward & Queen Mary School, Lytham
TIME :      1-30pm - 4-00pm
Boys JDC for the U13 age group - date of birth for all boys is the year 1999.
DATES :  9/10/2011, 30/10/2011 & 6/11/2011
TIME :  12-00--2-30
Boys U14 and U15 age groups - dates of birth are 1998 and 1997 respectively.
DATES :  9/10/2011, 30/10/2011 & 6/11/2011
TIME :  12-00--2-30
The boys U16 and U17 age groups will not have JDC coaching but will be invited to attend Lancashire JAC coaching sessions. 
DATES : 6/11/2011, 20/11/2011, 4/12/2011 29/1/2012 & 5/2/2012
TIME: 10-30--1-00

Monday, 7 February 2011

Lancs JAC underway with 5 centres now in place

All the Lancs JAC centres are now up and running with the last two in Stonyhurst Girls U13 and the Boys U15/U16/U17 in Blackburn starting on Sunday 6th February.

Players and parents : The assessment procedure.
Each player is given one of four gradings ABC or D with a D being a recommendation from the assessment days to be considered for the Manchester JRPC.  In addition to this once the teams are selected and the competition phase takes place the JRPC and JAC coaches will discuss and normally agree to who is invited to attend the JRPC in Manchester.

Players who do not attend three assessment days will not go forward to the competition phase and will not receive a D assessment. If players choose to play for their club/school on assessment days it will be assumed their commitment is to the club and not to the player pathway which takes them to the JRPC and hopefully to a National Age Group selection.

It cannot be emphasised enough that the old County system has gone and replaced by a development system with less emphasis on the competition phase.
Commitment has to be demonstrated by commitment to the assessment/competition days and also by the players attitude on each occasion.

This programme is voluntary and in no way should anyone attend unless they wish to attend to learn and develop their skills, and to match themselves against their peers.

Finally, Thank you to all the coaches and helpers who will be giving up their time to support this programme. Thank you also to the players who we hope will benefit from this experience by meeting new friends and new challenges.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Lancs JAC Dates 2011


Lancashire JAC dates & times after Christmas   GIRLS

U16 / U17 - dates: 30/1/2011, 6/2/2011,13/2/2011, 6/3/2011 & 13/3/2011.
Times for this age group 10-30 -- 12-30

U14 / U15 - dates: 30/1/2011, 6/2/2011,13/2/2011, 27/2/2011, 13/3/2011.
Times for this age group 1-00 -- 3-00

U13 dates 5/2/2011, 20/2/2011, 20/3/2011

ADDITIONALLY   6/3/2011 & 27/3/2011 = competition dates for U13 & U14 @ Stanley Park Blackpool.

20/3/2011 & 8/5/2011 = competition dates for U15, U16 & U17
Venues for this age group not known yet.


U15/U16 / U17 age groups birth years 1995 (U16) & 1994 (U17)  will be @ Blackburn Northern Hockey Club on :- 6th & 13th February and the 6th & 13th March 2011

The U13 U14 age groups will be at Preston HC on the following dates:-
30th January, 5th & 13th February and the 13th March 2011.

The times for all dates is 1-00pm 4-00pm

Competition dates for the U13 & U14 age groups are the 6th & 27th March

Competition dates for the U15, U16 & U17 age groups are 20th March and the 8th May 2011

Monday, 3 January 2011

The JAC programmes for both Boys and Girls in Lancashire

The programme starts at the end of January. If you do not receive information this month then contact J Metcalf on 01772 718294