Thursday, 10 June 2010

Girl's JDC and JAC Programme 2010

The JDC programme will involve the following players -

a) Players who attended JDC last year and were not selected for the JAC programme.
b) Players who attended JAC in January, February and March except for those selected to attend JRPC
c) New players identified by schools and clubs.

The JAC programme will have players who were selected for JRPC in 2010 plus players selected from the JDC programme that will run from September to November.

We started the JDC in late September and will run through to the middle of November.
The  JAC programme will begin on 30th January and continue through February and March

Information will go out to players in early September.

Friday, 4 June 2010

JRPC dates

If you have been selected for JRPC you should get a letter soon from Louise Broom the person dealing with all enquiries.

Dates can be found on the front page of the EH website. See the Centralised calendar 2010-2011.