Wednesday, 1 December 2010

JDC programme completed

Thank you to all the players and coaches for their work and support over the eight weeks the programme ran. Letters inviting players to the next element of the programme (JAC) in the new year will be out by the 7th Dec.

Thank you to King Edward and Queen Mary School for their high quality facilities and generous support.

Boy's JAC - Information on this programme will be available soon

The Lancs Boy's JAC we are hoping will run in a similar way to last year but this has still to be confirmed. As soon as information is available we will post on the blog and letters will go to players. If in the interim you know of a boy who is between 13 and 17 then please contact J Metcalf on 01772 718294.

Lancs Girl's JAC Dates 2011


Girls who are selected to for the Lancashire JAC programme after Christmas will be expected to attend all the coaching sessions and be available for the Competition dates.
Please avoid clashes with these dates so girls & their parents do not have to choose between playing for Club or attending the JAC coaching.

Lancashire JAC dates & times after Christmas

U16 / U17 - dates: 30/1/2011, 6/2/2011,13/2/2011, 6/3/2011 & 13/3/2011.
Times for this age group 10-30 -- 12-30

U14 / U15 - dates: 30/1/2011, 6/2/2011,13/2/2011, 27/2/2011, 13/3/2011.
Times for this age group 1-00 -- 3-00

U13 dates 5/2/2011, 20/2/2011, 20/3/2011

ADDITIONALLY   6/3/2011 & 27/3/2011 = competition dates for U13 & U14 @ Stanley Park Blackpool.

20/3/2011 & 8/5/2011 = competition dates for U15, U16 & U17
Venues for this age group not known yet.