Saturday, 24 April 2010

JAC arrangements for Sunday 2nd May

On the 2nd May the Lancashire teams will travel to the following venues if they are successful by achieving one of the top two places in their group in the North West.

Well done to the three girl's teams that won through to the North Finals. Arrangements below.

Girls U15 Arrive   Arrive 10.00am - First Game 10.50am - Durham University Maiden Castle
Return time approx 6.15pm

Girls U16 Arrive 9.00am First Game 10.00am- Altrincham
Girls U17 Arrive 10.00am First Game 11.00am - Altrincham

We will know early this coming week if the boy's got through.

Boys U15 Arrive 10.00am First Game 10.50am- Becketts Park, Leeds

A huge thank you to all the players and coaches and parents who have now finished.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

SUNDAY 25th April 2010 - Girl's Teams

Times to meet on the 25th April are as follows.

U17s - 9.00am at Witton Park.
U16s - 10.00am at Witton Park.
Coaches Adrian and Anthony Metcalf
Manager Susanne Fackey

U15s - 10.00am - Altrincham
U14s - 11.00am - Altrincham

Coaches Damian Houseman, Tom Algar and Amy Leck

U13s - 9.50am - Blackpool Stanley Park
Coaches Jan Metcalf and Lynn Hoyle
Ann Edwards