Monday, 7 February 2011

Lancs JAC underway with 5 centres now in place

All the Lancs JAC centres are now up and running with the last two in Stonyhurst Girls U13 and the Boys U15/U16/U17 in Blackburn starting on Sunday 6th February.

Players and parents : The assessment procedure.
Each player is given one of four gradings ABC or D with a D being a recommendation from the assessment days to be considered for the Manchester JRPC.  In addition to this once the teams are selected and the competition phase takes place the JRPC and JAC coaches will discuss and normally agree to who is invited to attend the JRPC in Manchester.

Players who do not attend three assessment days will not go forward to the competition phase and will not receive a D assessment. If players choose to play for their club/school on assessment days it will be assumed their commitment is to the club and not to the player pathway which takes them to the JRPC and hopefully to a National Age Group selection.

It cannot be emphasised enough that the old County system has gone and replaced by a development system with less emphasis on the competition phase.
Commitment has to be demonstrated by commitment to the assessment/competition days and also by the players attitude on each occasion.

This programme is voluntary and in no way should anyone attend unless they wish to attend to learn and develop their skills, and to match themselves against their peers.

Finally, Thank you to all the coaches and helpers who will be giving up their time to support this programme. Thank you also to the players who we hope will benefit from this experience by meeting new friends and new challenges.

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