Sunday, 22 November 2009

Defending skill for the U14/15/16/17 JDC and the start of the U13 JAC programme.

The Girl's JDC for U16/U17 took place in the morning followed by the U14/U15 in the afternoon. The newly formed U13 JAC group arrived for a three hour session on running with the ball.

The day was wet and windy but the coaches felt a lot was achieved. There were 9 goalkeepers also catered for during the day.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Girls dates update.

We are running the JAC dates already mentioned in the earlier posts and the website.

These are 10th January, 31st January, 21st February and the 7th March. These are for all age groups U13 to U17 and are at Stanley Park Blackpool.

Selection date is 21st February and the teams will meet as squads for the first time on the 7th March.

Boys' Programme dates for the JAC programme

We have set the four dates for the boys programme covering all the ages form U13 to U17.
They are as follows:

24th January Venue Preston HC South Meadow Lane Preston
7th February Venue Preston HC
14th February Venue Preston HC Selection for the squads
14th March  Venue Preston HC Final practise before competition phase.

Please note the address of Preston HC Preston Hockey Club
West Cliff
South Meadow Lane
We are still assembling the team to support these teams and anyone qualified to coach should contact Adrian Metcalf. In addition we will need team managers for the matches which follow in March and April.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Wet and Windy but the day went well and the programme was completed.

Although the forecast was not good we managed two really good sessions before and after dinner. The work on passing and receiving went well. Thanks to everyone, players, parents and to the coaching and support staff.

Next session is the 22nd November.