Wednesday, 9 December 2009

JAC Competition Dates are now available

The dates are for all ten teams, that 5 Boy's and 5 Girls' teams.
Each having a team at U13/U14/U15/U16 and U17.
They are as follows:
28th March
25th April
2nd May

We do not know where the venues will be yet but hope that Stanley Park will be one of them or Preston Sports Arena.
 More info to follow as soon as we know it.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Another grey day but the JDC completes its programme

Sunday the 29th November assumed its normal grey day pattern with over a 100 players  involved in the five age groups. The last session was on developing attacking skills for the U14 - U17 groups and the U13s developed their understanding of passing and receiving after recapping the running with the ball from the previous week.

The Centre meets again on the 10th January so Christmas will be the main focus for the players and shopping for the coaches and assessors.

Thank you to players, parents, coaches and support staff.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Defending skill for the U14/15/16/17 JDC and the start of the U13 JAC programme.

The Girl's JDC for U16/U17 took place in the morning followed by the U14/U15 in the afternoon. The newly formed U13 JAC group arrived for a three hour session on running with the ball.

The day was wet and windy but the coaches felt a lot was achieved. There were 9 goalkeepers also catered for during the day.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Girls dates update.

We are running the JAC dates already mentioned in the earlier posts and the website.

These are 10th January, 31st January, 21st February and the 7th March. These are for all age groups U13 to U17 and are at Stanley Park Blackpool.

Selection date is 21st February and the teams will meet as squads for the first time on the 7th March.

Boys' Programme dates for the JAC programme

We have set the four dates for the boys programme covering all the ages form U13 to U17.
They are as follows:

24th January Venue Preston HC South Meadow Lane Preston
7th February Venue Preston HC
14th February Venue Preston HC Selection for the squads
14th March  Venue Preston HC Final practise before competition phase.

Please note the address of Preston HC Preston Hockey Club
West Cliff
South Meadow Lane
We are still assembling the team to support these teams and anyone qualified to coach should contact Adrian Metcalf. In addition we will need team managers for the matches which follow in March and April.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Wet and Windy but the day went well and the programme was completed.

Although the forecast was not good we managed two really good sessions before and after dinner. The work on passing and receiving went well. Thanks to everyone, players, parents and to the coaching and support staff.

Next session is the 22nd November.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Lancs U13 Girls Development group dates

The group who attended the Lancs U12 Development Group at Stoneyhurst are being invited through a letter sent to their school to attend the following two dates in the morning. The 22nd and 29th November at Stanley Park in Blackpool. Letters should be returned asap.

Each session will start at 10.00am and run until 1.00pm. The group has 31 players and is an initial attempt to find players for this age group. If schools or clubs feel they have players of this age, (1997 birth) who they feel are of County standard, then please contact Jan Metcalf asap.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Dates for the Girls JAC are as follows

10th January, 31st January and 21st February 2010

The main proposed competition dates are 14th March, 28th March and the 25th April 2010.

Good news on the Boys JAC Programme

There will be a Boys JAC Programme and the dates are provisionally, 10th January, 31st January, 7th and 14th February at Preston Hockey Club.

Remaining JDC dates for the Girls Programme

The three dates for the Girls Junior Development Centre are as follows.

1st November

All at Stanley Park, Blackpool with the sessions starting at 10.00am U16/U17 finishing at 1.00pm.

1.30pm start for the U14/U15 age group finishing at 4.30pm

22nd November: In addition to the above there will be a initial U13 group coming to work in the morning from 10.00am through to 1.00pm.
29th November: This will be repeated again on this date.

Selection to the Junior Academy Centre will be completed on the 29th November.
Please note players who do not go through will be invited back next year in September 2010 unless they are too old for the U17s.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Lancs Boys Information

We have had to make the decision to cancel all sessions in the Boys JDC programme. This is due to a low response from clubs in terms of numbers of players for the different age groups. In addition significantly we have no staff in terms of coaches or managers to run and lead the sessions.

We are hoping that by January a JAC programme may be achievable but this will depend on a response from coaches and managers who want to work at this level developing young people.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Latest news 18th October for players and coaches etc.

We have agreed to use Lancs Schoolgirls Kit for the next twelve months so if you have any and it fits, wear it when we meet.

We will be giving all the girls a Lancs Hockey Development Group Badge as well and the JAC girls selected will get a Lancs badge as per the past. We will not however be recognised as Lancs Schoolgirls as they will change their name to reflect their status as organisers of Junior Competitions in Lancs.

We will be working over the next few weeks to see how we make kit available to players in the JDC who do not have Lancs Junior Hockey Development Kit. Information as soon as we know.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Information for the Girls JDC

We will be sending emails out this weekend to all players who have supplied a form with details of their address and email.
We have not received forms from a number of players. If in doubt email to for a form.

We are hoping to start the U13 JDC on the 22nd November in the morning at Stanley Park. Details will become available when we have confirmed the pitch and sent invites to players who were in last years U12 Lancs Hockey Development Group that met at Stoneyhurst. Will seek to increase this group as we develop coaches knowledge of the new Single System.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Girls JDC runs successfully at Stanley Park

A really good start to the programme with over 100 girls in the four age groups from across Lancashire.

This is the Lancashire Junior Development Centre and 35 girls attended at U16 and U17 level in the morning. This was followed by 60 girls in the afternoon for the U14 and U15 age groups.

All these girls have been invited back for the next three sessions.

Thanks to all the coaches and parents and players for making the day so enjoyable.

At the moment we have no U13 Centre but we actively seeking coaches to start this programme off. If anyone wants to join the team of coaches contact Jan Metcalf.

Letters inviting players to the next three sessions will be sent out by email in the next week.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Girls JDC goes ahead at Blackpool Stanley Park.

The Girls JDC programme has approx 40 girls attending the U16/U17 programme in the morning starting at 10.00am until 1.00pm and approximately 70 girls in the afternoon for the U14/U15 programme. This starts at 1.30pm and runs until 4.30pm.

The purpose of the day will be to assess the players into the next phase of the programme which starts on the 1st November.

Therefore successful players will be notified as soon as possible after the day by post.

Weather for Sunday after rain overnight should be dry.

Boys JDC is cancelled on the 11th October

The JDC programme for the Boys will not go ahead on the 11th October due to the very slow return from schools and clubs of eligible players and the lack of qualified coaches to run the programme.

We expect to be able to start the U14/U15/U16 and U17 programme on the 1st November at Preston Hockey Club. We are still short of coaches and other support staff to help run the programme. Coaches must have at least a Level 1 Coach Award and be prepared to attend any courses that are not up to date for Child Protection and First Aid.

If interested in supporting this programme in any capacity make contact with Jan Metcalf administrator for the Centres.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Lancashire JDC Assessment Date

The Lancashire JDC's will take place at two venues on Sunday 11th October 2009.
The boys centre will be at Preston Hockey Club, South Meadow Lane. Preston.
The times and age groups are listed below
U16/U17 Boys JDC (birth year 1993/1994)

Venue: Preston Hockey Club, South Meadow Lane Preston.

Date: Sunday 11th October 2009 Time: 10-00a.m.—1-00pm

U14/15 Boys JDC (birth year 1995/1996)

Venue: Preston Hockey Club, South Meadow Lane, Preston.

Date: Sunday 11th October 2009 Time: 1-30p.m.—4-30pm

The girls centre will be at Stanley Park, West Park Drive, Blackpool

U16/U17 Girls JDC (birth year 1993/1994)

Venue: Stanley Park, West Park Drive, Blackpool.

Date: Sunday 11th October 2009 Time: 10-00a.m.—1-00pm

U14/15 Girls JDC (birth year 1995/1996)

Venue: Stanley Park, West Park Drive, Blackpool.

Date: Sunday 11th October 2009 Time: 1-30p.m.—4-30pm

All players entered for the Junior Development Centre trials should be committed to attending the training sessions on the following Sundays: 1st November , 22nd November & 29th November.

From these JDC groups, players will be selected for the County programme which will take place on the following dates: 10th January, 31st January and 21st February 2010

The main proposed competition dates are 14th March, 28th March and the 25th April 2010.

Welcome to the Lancs Junior Hockey Academy & Development Centre