Tuesday, 4 September 2012


This year, the Lancashire Boys JAC has been organised on Friday evenings to avoid clashes with Club fixtures particularly in the older age groups.
For the younger players we also want to encourage boys who may be involved in other sports at the weekend to have the opportunity to be nominated for the Lancashire Hockey JAC.

Players who were involved in the JAC last year will be sent an e.mail inviting them again this year.
Any new players should be nominated by their school, college or club.

Outlined below are the dates, times and venues for the different age groups :-

U12 / U13 BOYS

Friday 28/9/2012        7-00 - 9-00PM            LANCASTER UNIVERSITY SPORTS GROUND
Friday 12/10/2012      7-00 - 9-00PM            BAILRIGG
Friday 9/11/2012        7-00 - 9-00PM            LANCASTER
Friday 30/11/2012      7-00 - 9-00PM            LA1 4XX
Friday  1/2/2013        7-00 - 9-00PM

The England Hockey Single System starts with the U13 age group. Players in this age group should be born in the year 2000.
Lancashire are inviting the U12 age group also to have coaching so that  boys hockey can continue to grow and develop in the area.
Boys in the U12 age group are those born in the year 2001.

U14 / U15 BOYS

Friday 5/10/2012       7-00 - 9-00PM            LANCASTER UNIVERSITY SPORTS GROUND
Friday 19/10/2012     7-00 - 9-00PM            BAILRIGG
Friday 23/11/2012     7-00 - 9-00PM            LANCASTER
Friday 18/1/2013       7-00 - 9-00PM            LA1 4XX
Friday  8/2/2013       7-00 - 9-00PM
The U14 age group are boys born in the year 1999 and the U15 age group are boys born in 1998

U16 / U17 BOYS

Friday 28/9/2012       6-30 - 8-30PM            PLECKGATE SPORTSTURF
Friday 12/10/2012     6-30 - 8-30PM            PLECKGATE RD
Friday 9/11/2012       6-30 - 8-30PM            BLACKBURN
Friday 30/11/2013     6-30 - 8-30PM            BB1 8QA
Friday  1/2/2013       6-30 - 8-30PM

The U16 age group are boys born in the year 1997 and the U17's are boys born in 1996

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