Tuesday, 6 March 2012

North West JAC Tournament Details U16 age group

The two North West JAC competition dates for the U16 BOYS and GIRLS JAC fixtures are the 18th March and the 15th April 2012
The matches will be played at:-   
Chester HC, Cheshire County Sports Club, Mannings Lane, Upton, Chester. CH2 4EU
The schedule of matches for the above dates are listed below:
GIRLS Lancashire = E Please arrive at Chester Hockey Club no later than 11-30 on the 18th March and no layer than 10-30 on the 15th April  
Coach: Mr Richard Isherwood Tel 07806 454247
18th March 15th April
10.30 A v C A v B
11.30 B v D C v E
12.30 E v A D v A
13.30 B v C B v E
14.30 D v E C v D
GIRLS Playing Kit: We require you play in navy skorts and white socks, red match shirts will be provided
BOYS Lancashire = D  Please arrive at Chester H C no later than 10-20 on both dates.
Coach Mr Rob Abbott Tel: 07808 627270                    
18th March 2012                         15th April 2012
10.30 A v C A v C
11.20 B v D B v D
12.10 C v B C v B
13.00 D v A D v A
13.50 A v B A v B
14.40 C v D C v D
BOYS Playing Kit We require you play in navy shorts and red with white turnover socks, red match shirts will be provided.
Boys / Girls In addition please come prepared for any weather, waterproofs, warm clothing drinks and a packed lunch of sensible food. It may be there are facilities on site for refreshments but I cannot guarantee this on a Sunday.

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