Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Weekend results now in. Mixed bag for the boys but smiles all round for the girls.

Boys Teams Results

U17s drew with Cumbria 1-1 and had a walkover against South Lancs (Merseyside)
U15s lost both games 4-0 to Cumbria and 6-0 to Cheshire.
U13s won two and lost one

Girls results
U17s Won two against Cheshire 5 - 1 and Cumbria 3 - 1
U16s Won two against Cheshire 2 - 0 and Cumbria 3 - 2

U15s Won two 
U14s Won two

U13s 0-0 against Cumbria, 2-0 against South Lancs, 1-0 against Cheshire East.

Next date is the 25th April.

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