Thursday, 7 January 2010

Girl's JAC - Latest information

The first session of 2010 on the 10th January has been cancelled due to 6 inches of snow on the pitches at Stanley Park. The council informed us today that there is no way the surface will be clear due to the fact that a thaw is not expected in the near future.

This means that we have decided to use the following three dates for the U14/15/16/17 age groups:
31st January, 21st February and the 7th March. The squads selected on the 7th March will be invited to a training session on the 21st March.

The U13 age group will meet on the first two dates namely the 31st January and the 21st February after which the squad will be selected and will meet on the 7th March.

Obviously this all depends on the weather.

Players will be emailed this information as well.

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